Shielding systems

Designed according to magnetic induction values and the desired result.


Rolled and drawned low carbon content steel.

Research & Development

The R&D laboratory where G-iron® Flex is studied and tested.

G-iron shielded cable trays

These trays are different from the traditional ones constructed with a rectangular base and lid, which are still produced in all sizes on request.

G-iron® Lab Test

G-iron's testing lab takes up a surface of 200 m2 and represents one of the key points of our daily product development activities.


Shielding systems in Italy and abroad.

Our Workflow


To prevent means to take any possible action to avoid the risk of damage, whether it results from a direct relation of cause and effect due to exposure to electromagnetic fields, or indirectly from the malfunctioning of electronic equipment, a medical diagnosis, or a financial analysis.
In the end, the term risk suggests the likelihood to suffer damage. Can we afford it?

What does “preventing” mean?

Electromagnetic compatibility ( CEM or EMC in English) represents the ability of a particular instrument to operate optimally in an electromagnetic environment without interfering in the provision of other electronic equipment in the same environment.

Our shielding systems are designed to protect the population and electronic equipment from the negative effects of magnetic induction and can be installed in any architectural context, thanks to G-iron products’ unique features, such as their flexibility, lightness and high performance. This is the reason why we work with a wide range of customers belonging to the industrial field, but also MEP, military, hospital sector, etc.

G-iron Srl has been Italy’s leader in magnetic shielding in the range of frequency 0 Hz – 150 kHz for more than 15 years. We are also very active abroad where the company is directly represented through partnerships with different companies operating in the same sector.

A look at the future and current concerns
linked to the effects of electromagnetic fields

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