Alcatel-Lucent, the well-known French telecommunication company, had already in the past chosen G-iron to shield one of the electrical rooms placed in their Vimercate’s plant, near Monza, Italy (for more information click here). Now, two years later, Alcatel has again decided to rely on G-iron’s experience to complete the low frequency magnetic field shielding work inside their premises in Lombardy, a centre of excellence for microwave radio transmission devices as well as their main headquarters in the Italian territory.
As in the past, our intervention was aimed at protecting human health according to the Italian Decree of the Prime Minister July 8, 2003 establishing the exposure limits, attention values and quality targets for the protection of the population from exposure to electric and magnetic fields at network frequency (50 Hz in Italy) generated by power lines, which includes electrical rooms and cabinets.
Unlike the first intervention, ended in 2013 and concerning just one technical room, this time Alcatel-Lucent requested to shield two substations to protect the area below them in order to comply with the current legislation.
The installation of the shielding system was completed rapidly since the innovative material G-iron Flex, developed by G-iron Srl, thanks to its woven structure (it is in fact the only metal textile on the market used to shield low frequency magnetic fields) is extremely flexible and versatile, which helps to accelerate the entire installation process.
The high shielding effectiveness of the system installed inside the Vimercate’s plant was further confirmed during the commissioning. The test, following our Company practice, was performed in the presence of the Client who, in this way had the opportunity to verify directly the strong mitigation of the magnetic induction obtained thanks to the shield.
Following our intervention the area protected by G-iron’s system is now in compliance with the Decree of the Prime Minister. Thus it can be used to host the members of Alcatel-Lucent’s staff without any E.L.F. magnetic field-linked risk for their health.