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G-iron salutes CISAM’s Lt. Col. Alessandro Brancaccio

G-iron salutes CISAM’s Col. Alessandro Brancaccio

A warm greeting to a dear friend, CISAM’s Liutenant Colonel Alessandro Brancaccio (Interagency Centre Military Applications and Studies), who recently said farewell to arms. The greatest expert in Electromagnetic Fields of the Italian Army, with whom it’s been a pleasure to cooperate...
g-iron support calcit

G-iron for Calcit

As per usual, since some years now, G-iron has decided to donate the amount normally allocated for Christmas presents to the voluntary association Calcit of Arezzo, which has been actively involved in the fight against cancer since 1978. A warm thanks to its president, Mr. Giancarlo Sassoli, who...
The "costs" of technologies

The “costs” of technologies

The continuous development of new technologies, mobile phones, and computers fully answers our need of a fast communication and our necessity of doing business all over the world. These tools have really eased our lives, but what are their costs? In December 2005, the World Health Organisation...

Electrosensitivity, we can now see movement

Can the "invisible patients" infected by chemicals and electrosmog finally hope to get off the side streets? Electrosensitivity does indeed exist and the last political defeat is a statute from the labour union inspecting on the condition of workers which has just been brought forward in Senate. As...
magnetic field

Tumors, relation to the electricity magnetic field proved.

The presence of a cause-and-effect linkage between cancer and interferences with low frequency magnetic field has been believed to exist for years however science has always failed in proving this relation. But a new study seems to give clarity to this concern: a 50Hz electricity magnetic field...
winter holidays

Winter Holidays

G-iron offices will be closed for winter holidays from the 24th of December until the 6th of January. We would like to take this opportunity to wish our Clients, Partners and Suppliers a pleasant holiday.

Protection of a scanning electron microscope at the National Research Council (CNR) in Bologna

The National Research Council (CNR) asked G-iron to shield the induction generated by an electrical room in order to protect a room used as a microscopy laboratory. In the room we were asked to protect CNR is going to install a scanning electron microscope (SEM) which is, as many other types of...

INRIM shields the magnets of an ion pump with G-iron

INRIM (National Institute of Metrological Research) is the most important metrological institute on the Italian territory and it not only promotes research in its field but also produces results of recognised international standing. INRIM, in its headquarters in Turin, is currently carrying out...

Alcatel-Lucent shields two more electrical rooms with G-iron

Alcatel-Lucent, the well-known French telecommunication company, had already in the past chosen G-iron to shield one of the electrical rooms placed in their Vimercate's plant, near Monza, Italy (for more information click here). Now, two years later, Alcatel has again decided to rely on G-iron's...
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The cooperation between G-iron and ABB still goes on

The well-known multinational corporation ABB, which since years has been relying  on G-iron as a primary supplier of consultancy on magnetic induction and low frequency magnetic field shielding, has recently shielded its Terranuova Bracciolini plant, Italy (the former manufacturer of solar...