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Isozaki Tower

The Building Site Supervisor of the CityLife project congratulates G-iron

G-iron is really proud for the e-mail congratulating on its work sent by the Building site Supervisor of CityLife (click here to read full text translation), the redevelopment project of the historic neighbourhood of the former Trade Fair in Milan, not far from Expo 2015. CityLife had already...
Our partner of Federal Development

Federal Development Est came to visit us

Our partners in the UAE came for a visit to Italy from the 6th to the 8th of October. Federal Development Est. is a trading company specialized in importing goods from outside the UAE and very well connected within their territory. Their Director of Operations Mr. Sulieman Jalboot and their...
Isozaki Tower

G-iron flies high in Italy’s tallest skyscraper

G-iron has completed his works inside CityLife office tower in Milan, where we installed our shielding system on the 48th floor of the building in order to protect the areas below three electrical rooms against magnetic induction. The towering skyscraper, known as 'Torre Isozaki', is named after...
Ferrari ges building in Maranello

G-iron in record time in New Ferrari Ges Building

G-iron shielded the electrical room inside the New Ferrari Ges (Gestione Sportiva) building in Maranello. In this modern building there will be both the offices and the workshops designing and developing Formula 1 cars. For this reason the shielding system for Ges was specifically designed...
electrical substation

A special thank to Ediltevere Srl

G-iron would like to thank the company Ediltevere Srl for its willingness during these months to let our technicians carry out experiments simulating the magnetic induction in one of their substations. Ediltevere is in fact a specialist in the manufacturing of prefabricated electrical substations...
shielding systems coop supermarket

Shielding intervention in a COOP supermarket

G-iron has recently completed the installation of a shielding system in a COOP supermarket located in Sinalunga, Siena. Inside the store there are two electrical rooms generating a huge amount of electrical induction that was affecting the surrounding areas. G-iron shielding system was...
Hotel Excelsior Gallia

G-iron best wishes for the opening of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia

G-iron Srl in 2012 installed a custom made shielding system in Excelsior Hotel Gallia, located in Piazza Duca D'Aosta, in Milan. The aim of the shield was to protect both the guests of this prestigious palace and the staff working inside it. This luxury hotel, inaugurated in the 30s, is now run...
shielding system in Como

Shielding system in Como

G-iron's team has recently completed the installation of a shielding system in an apartment house in Como, Italy. The system was projected in order to protect families from the electromagnetic radiations generated in the electrical room next to their residences. The installation was completed...

United Arab Emirates

After less than five months, G-iron flies to the Emirates again. Our team will be in Dubai from June 21st to 23rd and then will move to Abu Dhabi from Tuesday 24th to Wednesday 25th.