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G-iron ArmoFlex®

g-iron armoflex

G-iron ArmoFlex® brings shielding systems to new levels of safety: it guarantees protection both from magnetic induction and from fire.

ArmoFlex® keeps the features of flexibility and easy placement distinctive of G-iron SuperFlex®, increasing the resistance to corrosion and adding new strenghts: the certified maximum level of reaction to fire and increased shielding efficiency.

The placement is direct on the exposed surfaces, operating by wall plugs, nails, double-sided tape, glue, resins, etc. In case of corners or curved surfaces to be shielded, G-iron ArmoFlex® can be appropriately shaped by hand with the aid of a straight edge. On the floor the material should preferably be installed under the screed, option allowed by the aluminum film which protects the shielding element from corrosion. The magnetic continuity is guaranteed by the installation “side by side” of the various strips making the shield or by overlapping the strips slightly. Various shielding thicknesses can be used, starting from 0,73 mm (one layer) and up to 2,19 mm (three layers).

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*** average indicative values, source G-iron Lab