G-iron HE™

G-iron HE™

g-iron he™

G-iron HETM shielding systems, on the market for nearly 20 years, yield great results in terms of mitigation, obtained by coupling aluminum alloy sheets with one or more layers of G-iron SuperFlex®.
In this configuration the high mitigation properties of G-iron SuperFlex® are coupled with the magnetic reflection offered by the Al sheets when exposed to a low frequency magnetic field. The thickness of the shielding system goes from a minimum of 3 mm up to a maximum of 5.7 mm. Based on the specific features of the shielding project, the conductivity of the shielding surface may be increased with the most effective and least invasive manner for the context of installation at hand.
These modular configurations allow to install the shield in layers in order to work with smaller and therefore lighter parts.

Choice of configuration***


*** average values, source: G-iron lab