G-iron shielded the electrical room inside the New Ferrari Ges (Gestione Sportiva) building in Maranello. In this modern building there will be both the offices and the workshops designing and developing Formula 1 cars.
For this reason the shielding system for Ges was specifically designed according to the architectural and technical features of the premises and the length of time spent in the nearby rooms by the employees.
The installation of the shield was completed in record time and it was even finished in advance.
We are proud we took part in such an important project and put our shielding technology at Ferrari’s disposal, the sports car manufacturer that has always been the symbol of the excellence and unique quality of “Made in Italy” in the world.
These two features are the main strengths of our material too. G-iron Flex® is in fact the only high-permeability metal alloy that, being woven, has an enormous flexibility which makes it possible to quickly adapt it to different contexts, being the ideal partner when dealing with complex environments too.