Expo Milano 2015, along with its core theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, is not just an event focused on innovation but also a unique opportunity to rediscover traditions and cultures. It is exactly in order to add new value to the best things the past can offer, the Civil Society Pavilion will be located inside a historical Lombard architecture, the famous Cascina Triulza.

Thanks to its renovation, the Cascina, built more than 600 years ago as a farming and agricultural structure, will now be a reference point for the Third Sector and a unique space dedicated to Civil Society organizations throughout the months of the Universal Exposition.

The specific nature and characteristics of this building and the intended use of its premises were some of the key elements analysed by G-iron during the designing stage of its shielding system. The emphasis on these aspects was needed since this structure, which combines  both tradition and innovation, is the one that offers the widest assortment of spaces for families, and since it will not only house many workshops, laboratories and cultural activities during the Expo but also, differently from other pavilions, it will not be removed after the end of this international event but it will be left as a heritage landmark for Milan.

All those key aspects were taken into consideration to develop a shield against low frequency magnetic fields to protect human health and destined to last well into future, like all our shielding systems, which always come with a 20-year Guarantee from the date of installation.

Thanks to G-iron’s intervention the rooms above the shielded sources of magnetic field can now be safely used by the visitors of Cascina Triulza without the risk of being exposed, along with their families, to harmful low frequency magnetic radiation.