INRIM (National Institute of Metrological Research) is the most important metrological institute on the Italian territory and it not only promotes research in its field but also produces results of recognised international standing.

INRIM, in its headquarters in Turin, is currently carrying out experiments in atomic physics and high-resolution spectroscopy. Since the control of stray magnetic fields is a fundamental aspect of such experiments, INRIM’s scientists decided to address to G-iron in order to manage this aspect of their research.

More specifically, the innovative G-iron Flex material, which is characterised by its extremely high magnetic permeability and flexibility thanks to its woven structure, is used in the ytterbium Optical Frequency Standard to shield the magnetic field generated by the nearby vacuum ion pumps (for more information on the experiment click here).

The use of G-iron Flex allowed the scientists to reduce the effects of magnetic induction on the atomic sample by over a factor 100.