On the 8th of November, G-iron addressed a conference on “Low Frequency Magnetic Shielding in the Field of Industrial Design” organized in cooperation with the Board of Industrial Designers from the province of Bergamo in Italy.

Marco Alvelli, Francesca Buoncompagni and Azzurra Mormii discussed various aspects related to magnetic fields such as their effects on people’s health and on electronic devices, current Italian regulations having the purpose of protecting professionally exposed workers (Degree Law of the 01/08/2016) and general population (Prime Ministerial Decree of the 08/07/2003).

Following, the various steps leading from the design of a shielding system, through the use of a certified software, to the installation of the shield with performance guaranty, were presented.

But the actual protagonist was G-iron SuperFlex®, efficient, lightweight and flexible!

We are thankful for the opportunity given us by the Board of Industrial Designers from the province of Bergamo.
For any further information regarding low frequency magnetic shielding please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+39) 0575-381893 or by e-mail (info@g-iron.it). It will be our pleasure to answer any question you might have on this topic.