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M.R.I. Shielding

Magnetic confinement is a new field of application for G-iron SuperFlex, developed to be used specifically to shield Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
This is an application which was conceived in 2003, namely the year G-iron applied for its patent. Patented since July 2015, it was then thoroughly tested in our lab in 2016 and the first installations were completed in 2017. Several magnetic confinement shields have currently been successfully installed.

The advantages of applying G-iron SuperFlex for such purpose stem from the use of a flexible product which is only 0.6 mm thick and weighs 3.6 kg/m2 instead of using very thick and heavy iron sheets weighing even more than 20 kg/m2.
The result is obvious: lightweight, easy and fast installation.

No supporting framework needed.
In case 3 layers of G-iron SuperFlex are needed, the maximum recommended configuration, the maximum weight of 11 kg/m2 is reached and such weight can generally be installed without a supporting framework or the need for any structural changes.

Safety: using G-iron SuperFlex guarantees a significant improvement in worker safety during the installation. Being extremely light, the material can be installed without the use of hydraulic lifts and, therefore, the risk of injury during its installation is considerably reduced in favor of workers’ well-being.

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