M agnetic induction is a physical phenomenon which causes a magnetic field to produce a potential difference from one end of a conductor to the other end thus generating an electrical current inside the latter (if it is a closed circuit). Therefore, magnetic induction shows itself every time an electric current passes through a conductor placed within a magnetic field.

What is the unit of measurement used to measure the intensity of a magnetic field?
The international standard unit used to measure the intensity of a magnetic field is the Tesla (T). This name was defined in honor of Nikola Tesla, an American scientist born in Crotia.
The following submultiples of a Tesla are particularly used:

– “mT” = millitesla = 0.001 T
– “μT” = microtesla = 0.000001 T
– “nT” = nanotesla = 0.000000001 T

In addition to that, some countries more commonly use another unit, called the Gauss (G).
The following examples show the conversion between Tesla and Gauss:

100 μT = 1 G
10 μT = 100 mG
1 μT = 10 mG
100 nT = 1 mG