From the 25th February 2015 to the 4th March 2015 the following message was displayed on our website:

G-iron s.r.l. clarifies that it has not advanced any hypothesis of existence of a causal connection between the cause and the effect of the accident occurred to Fernando Alonso on Sunday 22nd April 2015, nor has it outlined the causes of his health condition.

Any judgment and/or evaluation could be expressed only after a thorough appraisal in accordance with all the necessary technical parameters in order to lead to a conclusion, by means of a rigorous process of study and examination.

G-iron s.r.l. reserves the right to take action against those who, by means of false declarations on our behalf, may cause damage to the image of G-iron s.r.l.


Marco Alvelli, Sole Administrator

Silvano Sabadini, Attorney at Law