On April 18 and 19, G-iron Srl shielded from magnetic radiations some critical areas of San Donato Hospital, in Arezzo (Italy).
Our technicians shielded a transformer room which, due to some changes made in the technological equipment of the hospital, had to increase the supply of electricity, therefore causing a potentially harmful rise in magnetic induction.
The transformer room, which is located exactly under the emergency department, was shielded in order to protect both the patients and the medical staff.
The installation of the shielding system lasted just two days. Thanks to the rapidity of the work and the strategic period chosen to carry it out (the weekend before Easter, during which the activities of the hospital are limited) no inconvenience was caused to the medical staff.
As a consequence, the personnel could carry out its important work, without interrupting or diminishing the quality of the service offered to the citizens.
On May 9, while the personnel of the hospital was carrying out its normal activity, our technicians measured the level of magnetic induction in critical areas after the installation of our shielding system, to verify the 20-year Warranty of result our company always provides to its Clients.