The well-known multinational corporation ABB, which since years has been relying  on G-iron as a primary supplier of consultancy on magnetic induction and low frequency magnetic field shielding, has recently shielded its Terranuova Bracciolini plant, Italy (the former manufacturer of solar inverters Power-One).

The purpose of the intervention was to retrofit an area that was intended to host the staff of the company where, without EMF protection, the levels of magnetic induction would have exceeded the legal limit currently into force in Italy (3 µT as prescribed by the D.P.C.M. 8/7/2003 on the protection of people against the exposure to electromagnetic fields at 50 Hz generated by power lines, cabinets and electrical rooms).

To bring the levels of induction below the threshold laid down by the Italian law it was used a high efficiency shield made of the high-permeability woven material G-iron Flex, used in conjunction with an aluminum alloy sheet to protect the ferromagnetic metal. The shielding system was installed on the wall dividing the area to protect from the technical rooms where the sources of magnetic field are placed.

Thanks to this intervention, the ABB’s personnel can now work inside the areas protected  by G-iron’s shield without being threaten by exposure to magnetic radiation.